Help us tell real stories about dairy farming, says DairyCo

Published 15 December 10

Dairy farmers have a vital role to play in providing strong positive messages for consumers, according to DairyCo's head of marketing and communications, Amanda Ball. 

Speaking at the Reaseheath Dairy Sustainability Conference on Wednesday, Mrs Ball said that targeting the media with positive stories was paramount to help the industry build the right image, and urged dairy farmers to get in touch with DairyCo if they had positive news stories to tell.

"We want to get good news stories about dairy farming in the media, and dairy farmers can help us" she said, citing examples of recent coverage generated by DairyCo in The Times and on regional TV news.  "By putting this sort of story in the media we can help the industry build the right image and show a true picture of dairy farming in Great Britain," she said. 

Mrs Ball also highlighted the importance of a coherent industry message, suggesting that the industry should embrace its diversity and focus on continued improvement in welfare outcomes.

"Our market research has shown that consumers are in support of dairy farmers and the work they do," explained Mrs Ball, "and we know that issues of animal welfare are important to consumers as well as to dairy farmers; that's an important message for us to get across."

If you have a good story to tell, contact Amanda Ball on 02476 478691 or email


Date 15 December 2010

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