Three British Friesian bulls earn hat-trick for Staffordshire herd

Published 8 December 10

A remarkable hat-trick for a Staffordshire herd of British Friesians sees three bulls bearing the Deangate prefix take first, second and third positions in the December 2010 DairyCo Breeding+ rankings, published this week.

The leading bull is a new number one sire for the breed, in the shape of Deangate Osbert, whose PLI of £160 represents a notable improvement over the previous front-runner, and reflects particularly strong production figures against the Friesian base. With 36.6 kg fat plus protein as well as positive percentages he is one of the highest milk solids producers of the breed. He is sired by the Dutch-bred Dovea Osseweidesneuver.

His two stable mates which follow in second and third position were the previous proof run's two leading sires, which each improve on their PLIs in this December ranking. Both sired by Tittenser Hylke and from the same cow family, the paternal brothers - Deangate Tarquin and Deangate Quentin - have PLIs of £150 and £149 respectively. Tarquin transmits low cell counts to his daughters with a SCC Index of -14, but Quentin offers the best overall fitness traits of the three Deangate bulls.


The Jersey ranking sees a new bull rise to the top, as the previous front-runner is no longer available in the UK, and hence, removed from the list. Sunset Canyon Anthems Allstar steps into the limelight, thanks to superb production figures and solid fitness traits, earning him a PLI of £185. Allstar is followed closely by Danish DJ Zuma (£182 PLI), who transmits strong SCC and solid type. Third placed

Hollylane Lilibets Legacy is the highest ranking fertility bull, with a daughter Fertility Index of +9.9.

Brown Swiss

The Brown Swiss breed has a new number one sire in the shape of Prossli, whose pole position is largely thanks to further improvements to an already exceptional Lifespan Index, which is now up to +0.7. This means daughters, on average, will live 0.7 lactations longer than is normal for the breed. Prossli's overall PLI is £157. Paternal brother to Prossli is Prohuvo (both bulls are sons of Pronto) who takes second place. He stands ahead of third ranking daughter fertility specialist, Hilltop Acres H Driver, who edges down from the number one position.


The Ayrshire rankings have a new number one in the shape of Swedish Red, O Brolin. This bull has strong fertility and lifespan scores at +4.9 and +0.5 respectively. He dethrones long-time number one, Brieryside Golden Sand (75 percent Holstein), who continues to dominate in the production stakes which he combines with good type. He now shares second place with Finnish Ayrshire, Asmo Tosikko who excels in udder health (-24 SCC).

Shorthorn, Guernsey and Montbeliarde

Also published today are the Shorthorn, Guernsey and Montbeliarde PLI rankings which are led by Drisgol Watzon, Rozelyn Patmar P Goliath and Odislait respectively. Ranked on the Guernsey breed's own genetic ranking, the top

Guernsey bull remains Sniders Option Aaron, whose Guernsey Merit Index (GMI) is 358.

Across breed comparisons

"It remains the case that genetic indexes for one breed must not be compared with another," says Marco Winters, head of genetics for DairyCo. "The figures for each breed are calculated to relate to that breed average, so it would not only be meaningless to compare figures across breeds, but could also be completely misleading.

"I appreciate this may be a temptation for those considering cross-breeding, but DairyCo is able to produce a conversion formula to allow any breed to be compared with another for anyone in this position."

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