Telling the truth about dairy farming

Published 26 July 10

DairyCo has launched a new website aimed at showing the reality about dairy farming in Britain. has been designed to demonstrate to consumers and the media just what dairy farming involves and what dairy farmers do.

The new website includes a virtual farm, where visitors can 'fly' through the different parts of a real dairy farm and see what happens in each area.  Visitors can find out how dairy farmers care for their cows and the environment, and test their knowledge with 'fact or fiction' questions, designed to dispel myths about dairy farming that may be portrayed in the media.

A campaign of activity is now underway to inform the press and consumers about the website and generate interest. Amanda Ball, head of image management at DairyCo, says: "We want to show the facts about dairy farming, and we want to make sure that when consumers search for information about the industry online, it's our website that comes up on the first page." 

As part of this ongoing project, the website will be developed and updated with stories from real farmers.  

If you can help, or have any feedback on the new website, please contact Amanda Ball by calling: 02476 478691 or email



Date  Monday 26 July


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