Dairy wizard is one-stop shop for dairy farmers

Published 17 June 10

Dairy farmers can access information on planning housing design, slurry storage and milking parlours from a three-in-one CD by DairyCo.

The Dairy Wizard CD contains a Slurry Wizard, as well as the hugely popular Housing the 21st Century Cow and Parlour Wizard tools.

Slurry Wizard helps dairy farmers considering upgrading or replacing slurry storage, allowing them to work out their storage requirements and weigh up the cost benefits of different ways to tackle under-capacity.

Housing the 21st Century Cow allows farmers to select - and fully cost - the perfect dairy housing design to suit their production system, climate and labour availability while meeting the latest environmental and welfare standards.

And for farmers considering replacing or upgrading milking equipment and facilities the updated Parlour Wizard allows different parlour types and functionality to be compared and costed based on individual farm data including cow numbers, labour availability and input costs.

Richard Davies, DairyCo extension officer, says: "The Dairy Wizard is a great tool which will help dairy farmers make some of the most important - and possibly the most expensive - decisions they will ever need to. 

To order a copy of the Dairy Wizard CD contact DairyCo on 02476 478702 or email publications@dairyco.org.uk.


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