SAC awarded contract for DairyCo genetic evaluation services

Published 25 March 10

DairyCo has awarded the genetic evaluation services contract to SAC following a European tender process. The contract will run for an initial period of five years, starting in April 2010.

DairyCo provides the dairy industry's genetic evaluation service under the banner DairyCo breeding+, and the current contract is held by SAC who have undertaken the service since 2005.

DairyCo director Ken Boyns says that the choice was made following strict EU procurement guidelines and with an emphasis on value to levy payers:

"As a levy funded organisation we make sure all bought-in services are constantly reviewed to ensure best value for the levy.  SAC was the most economically advantageous option, and offered more potential for cost effective developments of the service over the next five years."

Marco Winters, DairyCo head of genetics says: "We're very pleased to have the opportunity to continue to work with SAC.  Our work will focus in particular on improvements to fitness traits, to further strengthen the range of tools that are available to assist dairy farmers in choosing bulls and make improvements for a sustainable and profitable future."