Milk Roadmap on track to meet 2010 targets

Published 19 May 10

Milk Roadmap on track to meet 2010 targets

The dairy supply chain is firmly on track to meet its 2010 targets set out in the Milk Roadmap following a meeting of the Roadmap taskforce last week to review progress.

Based on the positive results presented by each part of the chain, the group has also reviewed its 2015 and 2020 targets to ensure that they remain relevant and challenging.

Chairman of the Milk Roadmap Taskforce and Chairman of DairyCo, Tim Bennett, said: "The success of the Roadmap demonstrates the huge commitment and co-operation that is taking place between producers, processors, and retailers."

"As a farmer myself I know how ambitious the Milk Roadmap targets are for producers, so I am extremely impressed and proud that dairy farmers have responded so positively to the goals that we've set, which make economic and environmental sense."

Highlighting the progress of the processing sector Jim Begg Dairy UK Director General commented that "processors have also clearly prioritised the environmental agenda and are well on their way to meeting or beating their 2010 targets. Already 85% of plastic milk bottles are meeting the 10% recycled material target while processors have continued to improvement energy efficiency".

Hayley Campbell Gibbons, Chief Dairy Adviser for the NFU concludes: "By constantly reviewing and revising our 'green' targets the dairy industry is way ahead of other food sectors and non-agricultural industries when it comes to striking the right balance between maximising productivity and minimising environmental impacts."


Notes to editors:

Current data suggests that producers are on target to meet the 2010 targets, which include: 

  • 50 per cent of dairy farmers participating in an Environmental Stewardship Scheme
  • 65 per cent actively using a Nutrient Management Plan
  • A continued decline in water pollution incidents on dairy farms
  • 30 on farm anaerobic digesters

Processor targets for 2010 include:

  • Introduction of recycled content into milk bottles - already almost all of the milk sold through major retailers is sold in bottles with 10% recycled plastic.
  • An environmental benchmarking system to improve best practice within the processing sector

The Milk Roadmap was launched in May 2008 and set out a vision for a sustainable dairy industry in England and set a course of practical actions, including challenging short, medium and long-term targets, to deliver this vision.

The Roadmap was drawn up by a working group of the Dairy Supply Chain Forum and is administered by Dairy UK, DairyCo and the NFU.

The Roadmap Membership is drawn from across the milk supply chain, including feed and fertiliser manufacturers, farming organisations, processors, retailers, packaging suppliers and consumer organisations.

The Roadmap taskforce is chaired by Tim Bennett - DairyCo Chairman who took over from Dr Ed Komorowski of Dairy UK, following the publication of the first Annual Report.

Evidence shows that milk and dairy products account for less than 3% of greenhouse gas emissions in England. About half the milk production in England goes into drinking milk, with the remainder going into products such as butter, cheese, and yoghurt.

The Roadmap is a living document and will be revisited every six months, with an annual progress report, the first of which has been produced. Targets are intended to be robust and achievable starting points for the sector to improve its overall environmental footprint.

For more information on the Dairy Supply Chain Forum, the Taskforce, the full text of the Roadmap, and the first Annual Report visit: