Welsh dairy industry set for a greener future

Published 19 October 10

Welsh dairy farmers, processors, and retailers have reached an ambitious agreement to further reduce the environmental impact of milk and dairy products.


The Welsh dairy industry today (19 October) published a Dairy Roadmap for Wales, which clearly sets out targets for reducing the industry's environmental footprint over the next 10 years.


The document builds upon the work already undertaken in England with indicators and targets purposely kept as similar to the England Milk Roadmap as is possible.


Delyth Davies, DairyCo head of dairy development Wales said: "Having parallel indicators and targets will assist the industry in measuring the achievements, impact and outcomes of the Roadmaps, although I will stress that Wales' targets obviously take into account regional differences." 


The Roadmap sets out practical actions, including medium and long term targets, to deliver a vision for reducing the environmental impacts of the dairy sector without adversely affecting its long-term sustainability.


Delyth added: "The Dairy Roadmap for Wales is a tool to help us to better understand the environmental, social and economic impacts of milk and dairy products, and the various ways in which these impacts can be mitigated."


Speaking from the Welsh Dairy Show in Carmarthen Wales' Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones welcomed the document.


The Minister said: "The dairy industry has already paved the way in terms of investment in renewable energy, water efficiency, energy reduction and conservation and the roadmap highlights the industry's determination to keep improving.


"The industry is to be commended on their commitment to improving the business performance of producers and processors in response to changing market conditions, environmental requirements, climate change and consumer demands."


Commenting on the launch, Dairy UK Director General Jim Begg said: "The Dairy Roadmap is a great example of the industry working together collectively to improve the environmental footprint of dairy products. It contains real and measurable targets against which the sector's performance can be measured."


The Dairy Roadmap for Wales is a 'living document' and will be regularly reviewed by stakeholders to include an official review in 2012 and a full report in 2015.






  • The Road Map will be launched during the Welsh Dairy Show, held at Carmarthen Showground on Tuesday, 19 October 2010.


  • For further information or a copy of the Roadmap please contact Menna Davies, DairyCo Communications Officer Wales on 07875 098173 or menna.davies@dairyco.org.uk


  • Targets for 2020 include:
    • farmers will recycle or reuse 70% of non-natural waste
    • 40% of energy used on farm comes from renewable sources
    • 20-30% reduction in greenhouse gas balance from farms, compared with

1990 levels

  • 20% absolute reduction of water use for all processors
  • 10% of processors' non-transport energy to come from renewable

sources or Combined Heat & Power/Tri-Generation

  • All tertiary packaging to be recyclable or re-usable
  • retailers to ensure that all new stores emit less carbon than existing one
  • mandatory energy benchmarking for processors


  • Key stakeholders including producers, milk processors and retailers (supermarkets) have led the creation of this document, with co-ordination from DairyCo and support from the Welsh Assembly Government and the Food and Drink Advisory Partnership's Dairy Strategy Group.


  • The Dairy Roadmap for Wales is intended to be a 'living document' that will be reviewed periodically by the stakeholders.  The first review will take place in 2012. This allows progress towards targets to be monitored and makes it possible to revise and update the targets in the light of new data, new technology and/or policy and legislation.


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