New schools resources focus on dairy farming

Published 3 February 11

DairyCo has worked with the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) to produce a new set of resources for schools aimed at helping children of all ages understand more about British dairy farming, how milk and dairy products are produced and how they form a part of their diet.

The resources include five filmed case studies for secondary schools that focus on UK dairy farming, animal health and welfare, the environment and sustainability, different farming systems and how dairy products are made.  For primary schools there are six interactive stories about where food comes from, healthy eating, and cooking.

Diane Cannon, DairyCo schools and education manager says, "understanding where food comes from and how it is produced is very important, not only because it helps individuals make more informed choices about their diet but because many children don't have the opportunity to interact with farming directly.  These resources have been designed to support that.

"Working with the BNF means that all these resources are available on the Food - a fact of life website, which is funded and developed in conjunction with all AHDB sector organisations, The All Saints Education Trust and the BNF. The site is increasingly popular with teachers, providing resources for pre-school through to secondary, and receiving nearly a million visitors a year. Our recent research with teachers has shown that Food - a fact of life is a key route for more opportunities to regularly deliver messages about British dairy farming and dairy production into the classroom."

The resources are available at: or via the School Milk section.  


Date 3 February 2011

Notes to Editors

1. For further information, go to: or email Roy Ballam (

2. Food - a fact of life provides a progressive approach to teaching about healthy eating, cooking, food and farming from 3 to 16 years. The site provides a wealth of free resources to stimulate learning, ensuring that consistent and up-to-date messages are delivered.


3. These new primary and secondary resources have been developed by the British Nutrition Foundation, and are supported by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board's (AHDB) milk sector organisation - DairyCo. The resources have been tested in schools and are suitable for schools throughout the UK.