Pushing the grazing system to the next level

Published 23 March 11

Influential speaker and consultant Dr. John Roche will be discussing the key profit drivers for grazing systems at a DairyCo event at Allerton Court, Darlington Road, Northallerton on Wednesday 30 March at 7pm.

"With commodity prices rising but volatile, successful farm systems must be able to produce milk cheaply to survive market downturns, while capitalising on high milk prices when they occur," says Dr Roche.

Dr Roche will be aiming to dispel many commonly held myths regarding the importance of milk yield/cow to farm profitability.  He will also be discussing suitable genetics for grazing systems, milk production and reproduction responses to supplements; and the importance of grazing management and stocking rate in optimally run systems.

To book a place call DairyCo extension officer Jo Speed on 0191 520 8498 or email joanne.speed@dairyco.ahdb.org.uk.


Date 23 March 2011