New Planning for Profit workshops for 2012

Published 3 January 12

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DairyCo is running a series of Planning for Profit workshops designed to support dairy farmers with business planning and strategy.

The workshops are taking place around GB in January and February with the aim of helping farmers to develop sound business goals and a plan for the future that will give them a greater chance to take their business forward and maximise profits.

Helen Brookes, DairyCo product manager explains: "Making business decisions is never easy, particularly when you're wrapped up in the day to day running of your farm.  Planning for Profit has been designed to enable you to develop a strategic business plan by taking time away from the farm and giving you the opportunity to investigate and discuss your options with consultants and fellow producers."

The workshop gives dairy farmers the opportunity to test different business scenarios and is delivered by tutors with knowledge of financial and physical aspects of the industry.  It is a chance to ask questions such as 'what if I want get 100 more cows, build a new shed, get an extra member of staff, or retire Dad out of the business?'. And it's an opportunity to see what impact those changes will have on the business performance, before making any commitments.

Middlesborough dairy farmer, Mark Fletcher, did the pilot workshop last year: "Planning for Profit gave me the knowledge and confidence to make the change that works for the whole farm," he says.

Dairy farmers interested in finding out more about the course can contact Helen Brookes, DairyCo, on 02476 478865 /

Dates and places are:

Worcester, 18 & 19 January, Contact Hugh Black on 01568 614310

Staffordshire, 1 & 2 February, Contact Judith Stafford 01335 390023

Harrogate, 14 & 15 February, Contact Jo Speed 07976 133405 

Bedfordshire, 21 & 22 February, Contact Shirley Macmillan 07766 402393

Lanarkshire, 6 & 7 March, Contact Heather Wildman 01290 338273

Cheshire, 13 & 14 March, Contact James Hague 07792 289386   


Date 6 January 2012