Daughter-proven Holstein sires offer high reliability option

Published 4 April 17

The highly prolific De-Su Holsteins has produced the number one daughter-proven sire available in the UK, ranked on Profitable Lifetime Index (£PLI). In the index run published today (4 April, 2017) by AHDB Dairy, De-Su Rookie 11057 features in number one position with a PLI of £669, up 44 PLI points since four months ago. This son of Bookem makes gains for Lifespan Index, earning the very high score of 0.7 and weighs in with the best Somatic Cell Count Index in the top 10 at -25. He also has the best Predicted Transmitting Ability (PTA) for Mastitis, an evaluation launched by AHDB this month.

Expressed on a scale of around -5 to +5 (with minus figures showing reduced mastitis and being desirable), the Mastitis PTA gives an indication of a bull’s ability to transmit mastitis resistance on to his daughters, and Rookie looks up to the job with a score of -4.

In second place is former number one sire, Lavaman (PLI £635) who now has nearly 800 daughters in the UK and strengthens his breeding pattern, with a 99% reliable production index.

Climbing into the top 10 is S-S-I Shamrock Mystic, thanks to an improved daughter Fertility Index, up to an impressive +16.5. His PLI is £626.

Tollenaars AltaMicro maintains his top five position and now adds some UK daughter information to his balanced proof, most notable for his exceptional daughter Fertility Index of +17.7. His PLI is £625.

Kings-Ransom Erdman (PLI £623), who ranked number one in December 2016 now lies in fifth position. However, he sees no major change to his transmitting pattern but has simply been overtaken by some steadily improving sires.

One sire which has made significant improvement is the number six bull, VH Cole Clark, a Curtis Cole from a T Lambada dam. He has a somewhat different pedigree for the UK market and gains a PLI of £617. 

Previous entries, Teemar Shamrock Alphabet and high production sire Seagull-Bay Supersire hold their position in the top 10 with PLIs of £615 and £612 respectively.

Immediately following his father (Supersire), is a new entry into the daughter-proven list in the shape of Cogent Supershot. Early milking daughters in the USA contribute to this bull’s graduation into the proven list, where he largely mirrors his earlier genomic predictions. His PLI is £599.

Rounding off the top 10 are Co-OpRobust Cabriolet (with good fat and protein percentages) and S-S-I Bookem Morgan, both with PLIs of £589. 

Marco Winters, head of animal genetics for AHDB Dairy says: “Proven sires such as those in this list still have much to offer UK producers. The stability in this ranking should give producers confidence that these sires will breed as predicted, especially for bulls with indexes approaching 99% reliability.

“Young sires may have stolen the limelight in recent years and stability within the young sire ranking may throw the need for daughter-proven sires into question, but many of these bulls form the bedrock of Holstein breeding.”