Record sales from SMP intervention stocks

Published 26 April 18

At the latest tender for SMP intervention stocks on 20 April, a much higher volume was sold than in previous tenders. In total, tenders were received for 91,855 tonnes, exceeding available stocks.

Bids for 29,678 tonnes were eligible, meeting the minimum fixed price of €1,051/tonne set by the Commission although only 24,066 tonnes were sold. Regulations governing intervention sales require buyers to indicate the location of stocks which they are tendering for. In both the Netherlands and Poland, total volumes tendered for exceeded quantities available from stores in those locations, meaning some tenders could not be fulfilled.


Intervention 26/04

In response to the increased demand, the European Commission have released additional stocks for sale in the next tender. All the SMP which entered intervention before 1 May 2016 is now available, bringing the total volumes available for the 15 May tender to 115,112 tonnes.