BBC Farming Today - Saturday 15 August

Published 17 August 15

The struggle many dairy farmers face is summed up well in the BBC Farming Today broadcast which was aired on Saturday 15 August 2015. Click on the link below to hear the programme.

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The state of the dairy industry has hit the national headlines this week. With farmers holding high-profile protests, and 400 having gone out of business over the last year, Sybil Ruscoe visits a farm in Gloucestershire to explore the causes of the problem, and the possible solutions. Some major supermarket chains have announced price guarantees this week, so is there now reason to be optimistic? And we meet the Farming Today cow: the programme is adopting an animal on a farm near Stroud, whose progress we'll follow as we track the fortunes of dairy farmers across the country.

Presented by Sybil Ruscoe and produced by Emma Campbell.

Farming Today

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