New AHDB Dairy indexes show stability at the top

Published 11 August 15

The new genetic indexes are published for Holstein bulls this week (11 August) as the first under the new AHDB Dairy banner. The theme at the top of the proven sire ranking is one of stability, as Gen-I-Beq Lavaman holds convincingly on to his number one position with a Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) of £615. Transmitting a correct balance of production which raises milk solids, together with good daughter fitness, this son of Man-O-Man, also breeds daughters which require less feed for maintenance than the breed average due to their smaller size. His Maintenance Index is -4.

A new entry in second place is De-Su Ransom whose early daughter information from the USA contributes to his PLI of £595. Ransom (Robust x Ramos) combines high lifespan (+0.7) and daughter Fertility Index (+10.3) with solid production. He pushes April’s number two sire, Prehen Omen, into third place, now with a PLI of £582. UK-bred Omen’s high milk solids and in particular protein per cent at +0.16 are noteworthy.

In fourth place we find Kings-Ransom Erdman, whose continuing improvement for daughter Lifespan Index sees him rank with the best of the breed for this trait at +0.7. He improves his PLI to £561.

The familiar name of Mainstream Manifold (PLI £535) features in fifth position, now with 1,760 UK daughters contributing to his figures. He is is closely followed by the second UK-bred sire in the top 10, Laurelhill Classic (PLI £530). Classic sees further gains to his Lifespan Index (now +0.6) and his impressive daughter Fertility Index (+15.8).

Climbing into the top 10 is a popular sire of sons who started his career as a high genomic young sire, Seagul-Bay Supersire. When it comes to milk and solids production, Supersire leads the rankings by a country mile, with 908kg milk, 37.2kg fat and 27.7kg protein. He manages to combine this with solid fitness figures resulting in a PLI of £527. Supersire shares seventh place with Beacon son, Roylane Flex. Flex improves his PLI thanks to gains to his daughter fertility and conformation traits.

With nearly 9,000 UK daughters now contributing to his production proof, Gran-J Oman McCormick ranks in ninth position (PLI £524). With a massive daughter Fertility Index of +19.5 he is also the breed leader for this trait.

Massey son No-Fla AltaEverglade rounds off the top 10 and firms up his former ranking with a PLI of £517.

Other new names in the proven top 25 which have come through with daughter indexes having formerly been marketed as young genomic sires are: Rosylane-LLC AltaBarney (PLI £512); Genervations Latimer (PLI £497); Co-op RB Obsr Indy  (PLI £495); and Mr OCD Robust Donatello (PLI £494).

We look to 37th position to find the first UK-bred new entry which takes the shape of Denmire Merchandise, with a PLI of £468.

Marco _Winters 05Remarking on the high calibre of the leading £PLI sires, Marco Winters, head of genetics for AHDB Dairy, comments on the broad pattern of production ranging from extremely high kg milk to high weight of solids.

“However, what they all have in common is superb daughter lifespans and fertility – something the £PLI was designed to deliver to the industry.

“Dairy producers are reminded that the £PLI has been developed with these aims in mind and therefore using this ranking to shortlist sires for use on farm is strongly advised,” he says.