New No. 1 and the arrival of Supershot sons

Published 9 August 16

A new number one, seven new entries and the arrival of sons of Cogent Supershot are the headines behind the latest top 10 of genomic young Holstein sires by £PLI, published 9 August by AHDB Dairy.

Straight in at number one is Progenesis Unicorn,making his debut with the highest ever £PLI score of £728. An AltaSpring son from a Tango dam, Unicorn excels in daughter fertility (+14.5 Fertility Index) and SCC (-27).

Second in the rankings just one £PLI point behind at £727 is DG Charley, the first in a list of long-awaited Cogent Supershot sons to make their appearance. Out of a Mogul dam, Charley combines high production potential (1023kg Milk, +29.9kg Protein) with a strong Lifespan score (+0.7).

S-S-I 1Stclass Flagship, an Alta1stClass bred-bull from a Supersire dam, now ranks third with a £PLI of £725 and the second-highest Type Merit in the top 20 at +3.16. He is only beaten on Type by other Alta1stClass son Silverridge V Allclass in equal 11th position, who scores +4.24.  

Two new Supershots follow in fourth and fifth place with Seagull-Bay-Mj Applejax (£715 £PLI) and Bush-Bros Deify  (£711 £PLI) respectively.

High Fat (kg) transmitter at +39.7, Triplecrown Gatedancer (Alta1stClass x Supersire), now ranks sixth with a £PLI of £703. He is followed by components specialist Apina Nadal (£698 £PLI), a Rocky son from a Goliath dam.

New in eighth, with a strong score for reducing Maintenance feed cost (-3) is Mr Pre Director  (Predestine x Robust) with a £PLI of £697. Two more Supershot sons take ninth and tenth in the rankings: Peak AltaTrueshot (£694 £PLI) from a McCutchen dam and Co-op Aardema Black Jack (£687 £PLI) out of a Numero Uno.

Marco Winters, head of animal genetics for AHDB Dairy, says: “With a wide choice of high merit genomic young sires on offer, it’s not surprising genomic young sires now form around 55% of Holstein bull semen sales. People are gaining ever more confidence in using them, and with good reason: all top 20 genomic Holstein bulls exceed the top 20 proven bulls on £PLI, and a genomic bull £PLI with reliability of 65% has a correlation of around 0.8 to its eventual proven £PLI of maximum reliability.

“However, it’s important that with unfamiliar bloodlines emerging within these genomic sires, farmers check for possible inbreeding in their mating decisions. An Inbreeding Checker launched by AHDB Dairy earlier this year will help choose bulls with genuine outcross pedigrees in relation a farmer’s own cows. Any matings which result in an inbreeding level of more than 6.25% are best avoided.”

The Inbreeeding Checker can be accessed here.