AHDB launch online reseeding guidance

Published 3 August 17

AHDB has launched a range of resources on grassland reseeding as part of its ongoing work to improve on-farm productivity.

To accompany the Recommended Grass and Clover Lists (RGCL), there is an online tool, a webinar and a grassland reseeding guide which all form part of AHDB’s Digital Platform for KE activity.

Reseeding is an important part of grassland management. It improves pasture yield and quality, driving higher farm output and reducing bought-in feed requirements.

The Grassland Reseeding Guide gives best-practice advice to maximise farmers’ investment. It covers all aspects of reseeding, from choosing the right grass species and formulating grass mixes through to managing reseeds and pest and weed control.

The interactive online tool is an easy way for producers to choose the right perennial ryegrass varieties for their system from the RGCL. Users can apply filters to suit their system and compare and print details of selected varieties. In addition, the webinar recording, available on AHDB Beef & Lamb’s YouTube channel, Beef & Lamb TV, talks producers through how to use the lists.

Dr Liz Genever, AHDB Senior Scientist, said: “Research indicates pastures with a low proportion of perennial ryegrass are costing beef producers up to £250 per hectare per year due to a loss of grass dry matter (DM) production and reduced nitrogen use efficiency during the growing season. Reseeding costs around £600 per hectare, meaning the increased profitability of the reseeded pasture would cover the reseeding cost in just over two years.

“Producers who are thinking of reseeding in autumn should begin planning now. Picking the right varieties for the farm situation is very important. These new resources are an invaluable tool to help producers make those decisions and get the most out of their investment.”

The use of grass and forage has a crucial role to play in the profitability of systems and improving efficiency in this area forms a key part of AHDB’s 2017-2020 strategy, which sets out priorities for the organisation over the next three years. To help deliver the strategy, AHDB’s Digital Platform provides access to innovation by developing a range of digital tools and support systems.

The RGCL and Grassland Reseeding Guide and online tool can be found here. The webinar can be viewed on the AHDB Beef & Lamb YouTube channel here.