Calls for EU Milk Package to be extended

Published 6 December 16

The EU Commission has reported back on the Milk Package that was launched in October 2012 and is currently due to run until 2020. According to the report, the Milk Package has made a real difference to milk producers. However, the report calls for the package to be extended beyond 2020 in order for a deeper integration of Producer Organisations (POs).

According to the report, 11 Member States are now operating with POs, although it also states the main reasons that POs have not been further taken up:

  • Insufficient knowledge of the goals and advantages
  • Lack of financial support for setting up.

The EU Commission surveyed those who had set up a PO. The chart below shows the top five objectives given, in priority order, for setting up the PO initially. It also shows what proportion of POs felt they either partially or fully met each objective.

Calls for EU package to be extended 

While a more stable milk price was the second priority, only 60% of POs reported having partially or fully met this. A higher proportion (70%) reported achieving a better price. According to POs, the main benefit for farmers belonging to them is the collective negotiation of contract terms and better management of milk volumes.