UK milk production confusion

Published 5 December 17

Defra are currently investigating their latest UK milk production statistics. The October 2017 estimate of 1,109m litres, is in line with October last year. However, it is significantly lower than AHDB would estimate from the survey of daily deliveries carried out each week. AHDB estimates October 2017 production at 1,156m litres, which would be 4.2% above October last year.

The latest AHDB monthly production estimates are given in the table below. Please note, the AHDB estimate for August is also different from the Defra official number, although September is in line.

UK milk production Aug-Nov 17

Source: AHDB

While these numbers are still subject to change, we believe they are a decent estimate of UK production levels. The latest AHDB daily deliveries figures can be seen here.