EU breaks SMP export records a month early

Published 2 February 18

The EU has exported 723,800 tonnes of skim milk powder from January-November 2017, 39% above Jan-Nov 2016, according to the latest Milk Market Observatory trade report. This means that even before December figures are in, 2017 has the highest SMP exports of at least the last 15 years. In the previous highest year, 2015, the EU exported 691,700 tonnes of SMP from Jan-Dec – 5% less than Jan-Nov 2017. 

2018.02.08 EU trade

Exports of other commodities have been more modest, with WMP and whey both up 3% on the year for the Jan-Nov period and cheese up 4%. Although not breaking full-year records like SMP, cheese and whey exports for the January-November period are the highest in at least fifteen years, and WMP exports are the highest since Jan-Nov 2010.

In contrast, Jan-Nov butter and butteroil exports are down 19% on the year, but this is not too surprising given the tight supply situation and high prices seen in 2017, compared to a strong export year in 2016.

In terms of destinations, Algeria is a key country for WMP exports. It is also a key country for SMP exports, alongside China, Indonesia and the Philippines. For cheese exports the USA is a key market, but has not grown much year on year. Instead countries like Japan and Switzerland have been a source of growth for Cheese exports.

Please note that November 2017 exports for the Netherlands have been estimated due to a delay to their November data.