Grow it, Graze it, Earn it

Published 13 February 18

Grazed grass is our cheapest feed at 1/3 of the cost of concentrates, so getting your rotational grazing system right is key to keeping costs down and profit up.

Grazing based dairy farms should be striving for at least 4000 litres of milk from forage. AHDB Dairy with Grasstec’s grazing consultant Dr Noel Gowen have put together a series of meetings across GB for farmers and managers looking to improve their grazing strategy to maximise milk from forage. 

What will be covered:

  • Reminder of why grazing at the 3 leaf stage allows you to grow up to 55% more grass
  • Why regularly measuring grass helps increase grass utilisation
  • How to get out early and stay out late using tracks, gateways and on/off strategies
  • Using Agrinet to budget for the shortfalls and excesses throughout the year

Dates and locations
19 February 2018, Truro
20 February 2018, Tiverton
21 February 2018, Somerset
22 February 2018, Carmarthen
23 February 2018, Alcester 
5 March 2018, Pwllheli
6 March 2018, Crewe
7 March 2018, Cumbria
8 March 2018, Ayrshire
9 March 2018, Kinross

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