Arla launching new ‘Best of Both’ milk

Published 11 January 16

Arla Foods has announced it has launched a ‘Best of Both’ (BOB®) milk that is fat-free with the taste of semi-skimmed. The milk have a yellow top and will go through the same filtration process as Cravendale. The new product will be backed by a £7m marketing campaign, including TV advertising and social media. It will be available from today (11 January) in 2 litre and 1 litre containers, sold at approx. £1.50 and £1 respectively.

This will be the second innovated liquid milk product Arla have launched in a year in an attempt to generate more value from milk by meeting the changing requirements of buyers. ‘Best of Both’ milk targets the growing trend for skimmed milk purchases while ‘Big Milk’, launched in April 2015, is designed for the rising number of families with growing children.