Updated online tool helps farmers understand impact of changing system

Published 11 January 18

ImageFarmers thinking about reviewing their production system or feeding approach can understand how this will affect their milk output and income by using AHDB’s updated milk forecasting calculator.

The updates enable farmers to compare their current system against a range of alternative scenarios and now include profiles for spring and autumn block calving herds supporting AHDB’s optimal dairy systems approach.

To aid planning, comparisons can be made over a three year period and feed costs added to see the impact of any changes over time.

Chris Gooderham, AHDB Lead Analyst says, “The changes are particularly relevant to farmers who want to understand the impact of changing system. It’s a big decision so it’s important to see how production and income levels will be affected.”

The calculator is an excel based tool that uses farm information on herd size, average yield and calving data alongside lactation curves to give producers information on milk production and sales income potential for the herd.

“Any changes can have an impact beyond the farm too so the tool is a useful resource to generate forecast information for milk buyers and enable better informed discussions,” continued Chris.

Farmers can access the milk forecasting calculator here.