Yields driving milk production increase

Published 29 January 18

As previously mentioned, GB dairy herd constricted marginally in 2017. Despite this, milk production increased 3% as yields* for each GB country increased in 2017.

For England and Wales, this reverses the trend seen in the past few years, with Scotland bouncing back after one year of reduced yields.

29.01.18 GB yield 1

As a result, estimated milk production in Wales is estimated to be at its highest level. Both England and Scotland were close to their highest levels, seen in 2015.

29.01.18 GB yield 2

In November/December 2015, AHDB commented on the amount of milk leaving Wales and Scotland to be processed in England. Since this date, AHDB estimates that Wales, in particular, has increased milk production further. There has been investment in Wales including that at Tomlinson’s and South Caernarfon Creameries, allowing for more milk from the country to be processed there. However, with an increasing proportion of GB milk being produced in Wales, further investment in processing will be required if the flow of milk out of the country is to be reduced.


*milk yields for Scotland can be calculated using overall milk production and herd data. The same calculation can be done for England & Wales as a whole. AHDB has estimated separate yields for England and Wales using actual data up to March 2015 and an assumption that both yields have changed year-on-year at the same rate since that date.