AHDB announces new partnership with British Nutrition Foundation

Published 3 July 17

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has agreed a new education strategy which will see it working in partnership with the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF).

The new approach, which launches in April 2018, will see AHDB move away from being a ‘delivery arm’ for education and towards becoming a knowledge hub for trusted, quality assured food and farming education information.

It will focus on a much higher strategic level of delivery for education, providing a cohesive programme of activity for AHDB. The new approach will also look to address the clear industry gaps where AHDB can add value in education while allowing for better collaboration with education partners.

AHDB’s Senior Education Team Manager Diane Symes said: “Our new partnership approach with BNF will enable us to build AHDB’s reputation in education by providing trusted, quality assured food and farming information. It gives us a clear platform to inform tomorrow’s consumers about food and farming through the lens of nutrition and a healthy, balanced diet.

“We will further support this approach through teacher training and, to ensure AHDB continues to build credibility and trust, we will help set new standards through developing and introducing recognised quality assurance for food and farming based resources and programmes.”

In addition, AHDB will continue to work in collaboration with both industry and education organisations to avoid duplication and help further build a trusted, and positive image of UK agriculture and horticulture for today’s and future generations.

 “As part of that work, AHDB will continue to support key industry initiatives such as Open Farm Sundays and Countryside Classroom.”