AHDB taking to the airwaves for a 360 degree look at Brexit

Published 14 June 17

AHDB is running a live digital event on 23 June exploring in the round the impacts of Brexit one year on for UK agriculture and horticulture.

Three panel sessions broadcast on YouTube and the AHDB website will examine where we are now a year after the referendum vote (8.30am), the big issues that have emerged for the agri-food sector (11am) and what farm businesses can do to gear up for the change ahead (1pm).

Questions can be submitted by direct messaging @TheAHDB on Twitter and will be discussed by experts, including the authors of AHDB’s suite of Horizon publications.

Joining the 11am discussion on the big issues will be Graham Redman from Andersons and Tom Keen from the NFU EU Exit and International Trade team.

Growers, farmers and their supply chains are being encouraged to get involved using the hashtags #AskAHDB and #Brexit360.

Phil Bicknell, AHDB Market Intelligence Director, said: “From the referendum result onwards, the entire country has been on something of a learning curve. From an agricultural perspective, we know that Brexit matters. CAP has provided the framework behind farming policy for UK farming for the last four decades and Europe has become a close trading partner over that time, whether that’s as customers for our exports or suppliers of a whole host of agricultural and food products.

“We want to hear from farmers and growers what their key concerns are as they look ahead to a post-Brexit world and are well positioned with our in-house expertise and industry partners to start addressing some of these. We’ll also be looking at some of the questions farm businesses should be asking themselves and demonstrating the tools and resources AHDB is investing in to help the industry through the change process. 

The event will be hosted and chaired by AHDB’s own John Bates, who can be seen in action in its recent report on an AHDB-funded scientific breakthrough on phages.

AHDB’s Horizon suite of publications is available online at www.ahdb.org.uk/brexit

Full agenda

23 June 2017

Live streamed at: http://www.ahdb.org.uk/brexit/brexit360.aspx

Hosted and chaired by John Bates, AHDB Senior Media & PR Manager

8.30am            Where are we?

Panel:             Phil Bicknell, AHDB Market Intelligence Director

                       David Swales, AHDB Head of Strategic Insight

                       Sarah Baker, AHDB Senior Analyst

Since the referendum, AHDB has focused efforts on delving into the detail, with its Horizon series of reports providing vital insight to the industry at this time of uncertainty. To kick off, we’ll be reflecting back on the last twelve months and taking stock of our current position.

11.00am          What are the big issues?

Panel:             Phil Bicknell, AHDB Market Intelligence Director

                       Graham Redman, Partner, The Andersons Centre

                       Tom Keen, EU Exit and International Trade Adviser, NFU               

While the specifics for individual farmers will vary depending on sector, size and even location, some common themes have emerged for the agri-food sector. We’ll hear from farmers on their key concerns as they look ahead to a post-Brexit world and our expert panel will give their view on the trade, labour and farm policy issues that dominate discussions.

1.30pm            What do we need to do next?  

Panel:             Jack Watts, AHDB Lead Analyst

                       Philip Dolbear, AHDB Knowledge Exchange Manager

                       Peter Hardwick, AHDB Head of Exports

Just because we’re in uncertain times and we face several variables beyond our control, it shouldn’t mean we take a wait and see approach. Change will happen, different scenarios are emerging and we believe that planning for a different future is going to be critical. We’ll look at the key questions we think farm businesses need to be asking themselves, hear from farmers what they’re doing to prepare for the future and look at how AHDB is gearing up with new tools and resources to help.