Cheese from Britain promoted in India for first time

Published 22 June 17

A selection of premium cheeses from Britain will be promoted in India for the first time ever in a bid to boost dairy exports.

Shoppers in Delhi will be offered tastings in supermarkets over the next two months as part of a series of promotional events across the city – with the first being held at the end of the month in the Food Hall stores.

The tastings have been organised by an Indian dairy importer and supported by the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) as part of its new export marketing programme which aims to promote premium cheese around the world.

Jean Pierre Garnier, Head of Exports for AHDB, said: “We have chosen Delhi as the most appropriate city in India for this promotion as many shoppers there are used to international products and we already have a good market presence there.

“Obviously, we market in India mid-price products which sell at a premium against local cheese but are still affordable for a large part of the population.

“The Indian dairy market is the world’s largest and, although India is not yet one of our major outlets for cheese, the objective of this promotion is to support the long-term development in this country which has a huge sales potential. The Indian consumer and retail scene is changing fast with an increased aspiration for imported food products on the back of growing incomes.

“This promotion will also help to develop our image as a producer of tasty, high quality and sophisticated cheeses in the face of fierce competition from other European countries.”