19 million litres uncollected due to weather

Published 12 March 18

Initial estimates suggest around 19m litres of GB milk was lost across four days (28 Feb to 3 Mar) during the recent bad weather. Based on AHDB’s daily milk deliveries survey, the worst affected days were 1 and 2 Mar where around 15m litres remained uncollected.

The impact of adverse weather of this type is normally relatively localised, with flooding or snow only impacting on roads in particularly badly affected patches of the country. However, the ice and snow in early March this year was much more wide-spread. As a result, in terms of milk collections, this was one of the worst weather-related short-term impacts we’ve seen in recent years. The loss of milk was around three times the level suffered during the adverse weather in January 2010.

GB daily milk deliveries

 Of even more concern will be the knock-on impact on milk volumes as we move into the spring peak, with cows that would normally have been turned out in early March most likely to be the worst-affected.