GB spring peak looks set to hit 3-year low

Published 11 May 16

This spring’s peak in GB milk production looks set to be the lowest since the 2013/14 milk year. Average daily delivery volumes have slowed since January and are now sitting around 4% below last year’s level (latest data to 30 April).

Low milk prices, wet pasture conditions and below average grass growth have all helped rein back production. From its current level, if GB production followed the same seasonal rise as the three-year average, the peak would only hit around 36m litres per day. This would be significantly less milk than some were fearing.

The lower volumes could be a bit of good news. If the reduction in GB milk supply were to be sustained, it could put some upward pressure on spot milk prices later in the year. However, it is unlikely to have any major impact on GB farmgate prices until the flood of milk coming from the rest of the EU slows down.

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