GB milk production down 2% this milk year

Published 15 May 18

GB milk production so far this year, 1 Apr to 5 May, totals 1,245m litres, around 2% (just over 25m litres) down on the previous year.

Last year milk production peaked on 11 May at 37.22m litres. With the issues around weather and delay to turnout, we are likely to see a later flush this year. The highest recorded production day to date was 5 May at 36.55m litres. Weather conditions now are a lot more favourable with this year’s grass growth rate overtaking last year’s levels mid-April, according to the Forage for Knowledge sample group. If it continues, we could see production close the gap to last year’s levels. However, movements in milk prices and input costs will also be a factor.

GB production is currently sitting 1.5% (18.76m litres) below AHDB’s forecast, due to the adverse weather. The forecast will be updated quarterly, with the next update being towards the end of June.

15.05.18 GB milk production