Early UK milk production trough

Published 9 November 15

UK milk production appears to have troughed at the end of August, according to daily deliveries information provided to AHDB. Milk production since the start of September has been relatively stable, despite this period normally showing a decline. As a result, the lowest weekly figure recorded so far this year is for 31 August.

Last year, milk production increased in September and then fell away to a trough on 23 October. This year, the pattern has been markedly different with no second drop and a trough potentially 53 days earlier than in 2014.

UK milk prod Nov15

Calving information from BCMS shows a step up in the number of registered dairy births earlier in the year, and then again in August/September. This latter jump will have boosted milk production in September and October and will be one of the reasons why overall volumes have not dropped back this year.

GB calvings Nov15