UK and Ireland max out cheese PSA applications

Published 2 November 15

UK and Ireland applications to use the new cheese Private Storage Aid (PSA) have reached their maximum allocated volumes, within the scheme’s first full week of opening.

The UK’s application exactly matches its permitted volume of 3,854 tonnes but this is still subject to approval, as contracts have not yet been concluded.

Ireland’s application totalled 2,190 tonnes but contracts were only finalised for 1,835 tonnes of this, which is Ireland’s maximum allowance.

However, countries will be able to apply to use any storage that might be leftover if other Member States don’t fill their allocations. Countries wishing to take advantage of this must notify the Commission by 31 December 2015, and any storage not used by 15 January 2016 will then be re-allocated. 

PSA 2Nov15

Updated 5 November 2015