First Milk and Team Sky part company

Published 27 October 15

First Milk’s CNP Professional (CNP) will no longer be Team Sky’s official nutrition supplier from the end of the year. From January, Team Sky will link up with CNP’s rival Science in Sport (SIS). Since originally agreeing the deal, CNP rebranded a number of key products in its endurance range with the Team Sky logo. They also launched a separate food range specifically under the Team Sky brand name.

The Team Sky range was originally envisaged as the route for First Milk to launch its CNP brand into mainstream retailers. The product range includes high protein dairy drinks as well as porridge sachets and pots made with whey based powders. It also includes quark breakfast pots produced from raw milk at its Glenfield facility in Cowdenbeath. After an internal review, CNP concluded that the level of sales to club cyclists was not enough to justify the cost of support to Team Sky.

CNP has been running a ‘buy one get one free’ campaign on its website over the last week for all product branded with the Team Sky logo. A CNP spokesman said they will continue to run promotions in a bid to clear stock before the end of the year. CNP will continue to support British Cycling in the run up to Rio.