Help reduce silage slippage

Published 26 October 18

Silage SlippageClamp silage slippage causes significant wastage for those affected so we’re looking for farms to get involved in a new project to help develop preventative guidance.


Each and every year a number of farms report problems with their silage slipping which allows oxygen to enter the stored silage and increase aerobic deterioration of the silage, decreasing nutritional and hygienic value of the silage. However little is understood about the common factors and underlying causes.


We’re looking for dairy or beef & sheep farmers who are currently experiencing a slippage problem to get involved. You’ll receive a visit from Dave Davies, Silage Solutions Ltd, and receive a detailed on farm silage assessment in return for completing a short questionnaire.


We’d welcome other farmers with previous experience of slippage to complete a questionnaire as this will help to broaden our understanding of the issue.


To get involved, please email