Scottish milk surplus highest on record

Published 22 October 19

Milk collections off farms in Scotland are estimated at 1,478m litres in 2018/19, an increase of 55m litres (4%) compared with 2014/15. If the current trends on milk yield growth continue, milk collections are expected to surpass 1,500m litres in 2019/20.

Processing volumes are estimated at around 1,294m litres for 2018/19, slightly down on the 1,327m litres estimated in 2014/15. This is because of the closure of some processing facilities, including First Milk’s Arran and Muller’s Aberdeen and East Kilbride sites, but partially offset by expansion elsewhere.

As a result, the overall surplus of milk in Scotland for 2019/20 is estimated to be around 214m litres.

Scottish milk collected v processed OCt19


We estimate Scottish milk production using milking herd numbers and an estimate of yields. The milking herd in Scotland grew to 176K head in 2019, a 1K head year on year increase. The increase in the size of milking herd, alongside an increase in average milk yield per cow has led to the continued growth in production.