Trust, transparency and traceability in agriculture: the consumer perspective

Published 1 October 19

Agriculture, and the global food system as a whole, is facing increasing scrutiny. This has arisen as consumers become more concerned with the environment, animal welfare, food safety and health.

Recent research by AHDB looked at how British people feel about where their food comes from, their trust in the food system and ways in which our industry can deepen that trust in the future.

The key findings show

  • Farmers are the most trusted group in the supply chain
  • Over 60% of consumers have a good impression of British farming, rising to 64% for dairy
  • Farmers are respected for their expertise
  • Consumers believe farmers care for people, animals, and the environment
  • Farmers are less effective than supermarkets in communicating their values with consumers

In summary, the research showed that farmers enjoy trust with consumers, but face challenges to maintain it for the future. This will require that the industry review, and at times, adapt its practices to demonstrate where it values are shared with society’s as well as improve how it communicates with consumers.

The full report can be downloaded from the AHDB website