UK cheese imports from Ireland up on year to date

Published 2 October 19

UK cheese imports from Ireland are up 12% (+9k tonnes) so far on the year for 2019, based on the first 7 months of trade.

During this period, UK imports from Ireland reached 88K tonnes, with cheddar accounting for 76%. This increase is mainly due to a high level of cheddar imports during Q1 in the run up to the original Brexit deadline of March 2019.

Imports have dropped during Q2 2019, down both on the previous quarter and the 5-year average. This is likely to be due to the already high Irish cheese stock levels in the UK after high periods of imports during both Q1 2019 and Q4 2018. However, the reduction seen in Q2 is small compared with the increases recorded in the previous 2 quarters, and as a result Irish cheese stock levels in the UK remain high.

Looking forward, the new potential Brexit date of October 2019 could lead to UK cheese imports from Ireland rising slightly during Q3. However, the uplift is unlikely to be as high as recorded during Q1 given the high stock levels that already exist.

The UK continues to be a net importer of cheese from Ireland, with the data to July this year showing Irish cheese exports to the UK 59K tonnes higher than UK exports to Ireland. For more details on cheese trade please see our dairy imports and exports pages.

UK Cheese Imports From Ireland

Charlie Reeve