IDF 2015 - Update 2

Published 21 September 15

Jon Parry, AHDB Dairy head of extension, reports back from the second day of the International Dairy Federation (IDF) in Vilnius, Lithuania.   

At the IDF World Dairy Leaders Forum speakers included H.E. Gerda Verburg, Chair of the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS), who spoke about the challenge of global food security and nutrition. Other panel members, who made make introduction remarks on how is dairy contributing to nutrition security, from your perspective? were:

  • Elaine Sun, CEO Mengniu
  • Rajni Sekhri Sibal, Ministry of Agriculture, India
  • Dennis Jönsson, CEO Tetra Pak
  • Dr. Berhe Tekola, Director Animal Production and Health Division, FAO

 The key topics covered included R&D, knowledge transfer, globalisation and digitalisation.

The audience was reminded of the hunger in the world, as 795 million people will go bed hungry tonight and the vital role dairy can play in providing nutritional security. Consumer demand is changing and requires innovation to meet the needs of poor and the affluent. Quality and quantity are equally important if dairy is to be trusted. 

Dairy nutrition is essential to meet the worlds growing demand.

The afternoon at IDF was a reporting session on the Global Dairy Agenda for Action and in specifically updates on the progress of the GDAA and the Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF) of which AHDB is a member. 

Jaap Petraeus, manager corporate sustainability at FrieslandCampina explained why they joined and what benefits it brought their farmer suppliers and customers. 

Tobie de Villiers of Clover Industries, a dairy processor in South Africa, told a very similar story of risk management and benefits re sustainability.      

Helen Dornom, manager sustainability including food safety and integrity at Dairy Australia explained how DSF fits with the needs of the dairy industry in Australia and how the levy body uses it to work with the sector. They work with many different production systems but have one common set of outcomes. Benefit is seen as for the whole of the Australian industry.