Increasing forage feeding could reduce milk solids

Published 26 September 19

Farmers fed more concentrates last year to make up for the lack of forage. While concentrate use is typically higher over the winter months, it remained high until March 2019. This not only led to record levels of milk production, but also higher production of solids. This was particularly evident between October 2018 and June 2019.

Concentrate use and milk solids produced

Reports suggest there is an abundance of good quality forage available this year, taking the pressure off feed budgets. With milk prices falling for some farmers, and a move to rebalance feed budgets, it is likely that a higher percentage of milk will come from forage this winter. Alongside this, we would expect to see a drop-off in milk constituent levels. At the farm level, it will be important to monitor how this could affect your milk price, particularly for those who are on a constituents-based contract.


Jennie Tanner