Heifer Rearing Cost Calculator

Published 5 July 16

The replacement heifers on the farm today are tomorrows milking herd, an investment in the future of your business. As with all investments, there are significant cash costs associated with rearing dairy heifers, the third highest cost in producing a litre of milk . Therefore, it is important that these costs are examined to ensure the best return on investment is achieved. To help farmers with this, AHDB Dairy has developed a new Heifer Rearing Cost Calculator, based on the findings from a study on “the economic analysis of heifer rearing”, conducted by RVC and funded by AHDB Dairy and the BBSRC. The Heifer Rearing Cost Calculator allows farmers to input their own costings under three distinct rearing periods; birth to weaning, weaning to six months and six months to calving. Farmers can then explore how changes in their rearing regime might affect these costs, for example, reducing the age at first calving from 27 to 24 months.