Which Economic Index to use - £PLI, £SCI or £ACI?

Published 2 August 18

Which Economic Index to use - £PLI, £SCI or £ACI?

Three economic breeding indexes are published by AHDB Dairy as part of its genetic evaluation service; £PLI, £SCI and £ACI; and have been developed to easily rank animals that transmit the most profitable combination of genetic traits to suit the various farming systems found in the UK. 

The three genetic merit rankings we calculate and the system for which they are designed are:
●£PLI – Profitable Lifetime Index for All-year-round calving herds

●£ACI – Autumn Calving Index for Autumn block-calving herds

●£SCI – Spring Calving Index for Spring block-calving herds

This document describes which index you should use when make breeding decisions for your herd. You can download the factsheet here.