Milk forecasting calculator

Published 18 April 18

The Milk Forecasting Calculator has been updated to enable farmers to compare their current system against a range of alternative scenarios and now includes profiles for spring and autumn block calving herds supporting AHDB’s optimal dairy systems approach.

The tool can be used to see how changes to herd size, yields or calving patterns will impact your business. To aid planning, comparisons can be made over a three year period and feed costs added to see the impact of any changes over time. 

As an excel based tool this calculator uses farm information on herd size, average yield and calving data alongside herd lactation curves to give producers information on the milk production potential for the herd. For more information download the 'how to instructions'.

 AHDB Dairy’s Milk Forecasting Calculator help video

This tool is Excel-based, therefore, to run the programme you will need Microsoft Excel 2007 or later.