GHG presentation- John Allen

Published 21 July 10

Dairy UK - DairyCo Conference

"Carbon and Farming - Myths, Challenges and Opportunities"

The dairy industry is addressing the environmental agenda by meeting its challenges head on, as the pressure to reduce carbon emissions will inevitably return in full force, once the economy begins to recover. That's why it is important for farmers to identify how they can tackle their carbon emissions in developing their businesses.

To brief the industry Dairy UK, in full partnership with DairyCo, held a conference on Carbon and Farming at the Sixways Stadium in Worcester on 22 June 2010.

The conference set out the policy background to the issue, looked at the measuring tools available to the industry and then set out the solutions farmers could deploy to address their carbon footprint. The conference reaffirmed that tackling carbon emissions is fully consistent with continued improvements in business efficiency.