Godro Issue 11

Published 6 August 12

Cymraeg view



Much has been said of late regarding solar photovoltaic (PV) panels in light of the changes to Feed in Tariffs Front Page Godro Issue 11(FITs), therefore in this issue we ask whether the clouds are gathering over solar PV? Labour and feed are the two most significant costs in milk production, both accounting for around 25% of total costs. While feed costs are often scrutinised labour costs can be harder to get to grips with. Inside DairyCo extension officer Richard Davies shares some practical timesaving tips for improving on farm labour efficiency. For many farmers, grazing high yielding cows is a bit of a dilemma. On one hand there is the prospect of cheaper milk and less 'winter work' but on the other hand, the high genetic potential for milk production of Holsteins means that buffer feeding is required to safeguard their production and fertility performance. Therefore, in this issue we take a look at grazing strategies for high yielding dairy cows.