DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan 3 year report (2008-2012)

Published 15 November 12

The project summarized in this report commenced in 2008 with the aim to develop and establish the necessary resources for a national mastitis control initiative. The express aim of this project was to roll out the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan through a team of 150 Plan Users to 750 farms. In addition the authors were to work with DairyCo to establish a long term model for sustainability of the Plan.

By the time of writing over 250 Plan Users have been trained and the Plan has been implemented on over 950 farms encompassing well in excess of 10% of the national herd. Plan User feedback was collated and rated the training highly and particularly valued the veterinary technical support and data analysis. Initial assessment of the impact suggests that with appropriate implementation and a high level of compliance with recommendations reductions of the order of 20% in disease incidence can be achieved.