Current campaign activity

Thank you for taking the time to respond to the AHDB Dairy business plan consultation and the recent farmer AHDB activity review meetings. 

Amanda Ball AHDB Dairy strategy director says, “We welcome the submissions  to the AHDB Dairy business plan consultation. There are a number of common themes that have emerged in the various responses we’ve received, including a call for more market development activity. Additional work is urgently being done to assess the options, impacts and potential benefits before our AHDB Dairy Board makes final decisions on the plan in the March board meeting.

We are already in discussions with industry partners and in particular, Dairy UK on market development. We will establish how AHDB Dairy can best contribute to and compliment other work, including opportunities highlighted in their recently published export strategy.”

The drop in milk price over the past months has resulted in a continued focus from media and the public on the dairy industry. Understandably questions have been raised from Levy Payers as to how AHDB Dairy approaches the important issue of getting across the passion, value and intricacies of the dairy farming industry in a way the public can understand, and in turn increase support.

#DiscoverDairy is our consumer campaign to engage and inspire consumers to take an active interest in modern dairy farming so that, in the long term, a positive image of the industry can be maintained. To  help address the current challenges and create greater awareness with the public, during the past year we have increased campaign activity by taking our message to a series of regional events to engage directly with the public to drive support and awareness of the passion, commitment and value of dairy farming around a message of 'It's in our hands' (IIOH).

Farmers directly played a central role in the campaign activity to help us deliver a real, human and inspirational aspect to the #DiscoverDairy message. We are currently evaluating this activity and in the meantime we continue to engage consumers through our social media routes. Both the @thisisdairy twittter and facebook page help drive traffic to where we ask people to #SupportDairy and to take the #DairyPromise.

The 'real life' stories of dairy farmers help us to continue to deliver the real human and inspirational aspect to dairy farming and therefore we will continue to recruit more ambassadors in a bid to regularly refresh content on and push out through social media.

How can I get involved in #DiscoverDairy?

Visit and encourage other's to do the same

Link to from your website

Follow us on twitter @thisisdairy and share content with family and friends

Share/like content from our facebook page

Sign up to Moos in The News email updates on #DiscoverDairy and other public facing work

Order #SupportDairy flyers and distribute through your locla community

Campaign key messages:

#DiscoverDairy: it's important to know that the milk, cheese and yogurt millions of us enjoy everyday comes from a trusted source

It's In Our Hands: By making informed choices about the dairy products we choose to buy we can preserve the passion, values and tradition of our dairy farming industry

Trust The Tractor: Dairy products are produced to responsible farming and food production standards and are fully traceable back to independantly  inspected farms

If you have further questions or would like to get involved with your Discover dairy campaign please contact or

View the presentation below for information on the it's In Our Hands (IIOH) activity and ideas for images you can share on social media

In February we hosted an online webinar to diractly share our activities with levy payers. Watch again here.