Engaging with Non-Governmental Organisations

We are proactive in our engagement with a number of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO's) and have on-going discussion and debate to help get the facts about dairy farming out to influential groups.

Through our bi-annual Progress report and on-going liaison with various groups we endeavour to ensure that we continue to have dialogue with groups who have an interest in dairy farming.

Want to get involved? 

You could invite your local MP to visit your farm - you could do this as a part of the Discover Dairy campaign promotion. Contact us on 024 7647 8696 if you would like some help or advice on doing this.

If you have a local school or community group visiting your farm this is also a good opportunity to invite a local MP or dignitary too - they will all be interested to hear more about what you're doing to help educate the public.  You could also consider asking the local paper along to write about the visit.