School Milk Podcasts

Published 19 August 09

Coombe Farm Podcast (June 2008)
Listen as the School Milk Project joins St Bartholomew's School on their visit to Coombe Farm, a large organic farm in Somerset.

Coombe Farm part 1:
Welcome and introduction to Coombe Farm with Fi Madge [download/listen now]

Coombe Farm part 2:
Milking Charlotte the cow and playing the Food Web game [download/listen now]

Coombe Farm part 3:
Katherine Doble shows the children around the milking parlour [download/listen now]

Coombe Farm part 4:
Emily interviews Pete Scott, senior teacher at St Bartholomew's and asks him whether the children start the day with much knowledge of where their food comes from [download/listen now]

Coombe Farm part 5:
The children make organic milk smoothies using a recycled bike as a blender [download/listen now]

To learn more about Coombe Farm and Organic farming visit their website at

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Chapmans Hill School Farm (December 2007)
Listen to the School Milk Project visit to Chapmans Hill School Farm near Birmingham.
Emily, Rebecca and Laura meet Nina Hatch who runs the school visits part of the farm.
Nina gives them a tour of the farm and Rebecca and Laura get to feed the chickens, sheep and pigs, meet some very cute calves and then watch the dairy herd being milked.

Chapmans Hill School Farm part 1: [download/listen now]
Introduction to the farm and a look around the clasroom
Feeding the chickens & the sheep

Chapmans Hill School Farm part 2: [download/listen now]
Rebecca and Laura feed the pigs and then visit the calves.

Chapmans Hill School Farm part 3: [download/listen now]
Over in the milking shed Emily, Rebecca and Laura watch the milking taking place and Peter Charles (the farmer) explains all about the milking process and what happens to the milk once it leaves the farm.

Chapmans Hill Case Study 1 Chapmans Hill Case Study 2