Talking to consumers

Support Britain's dairy farmers flyerTo help inform consumers of the current challenges dairy farmers are facing the Support Dairy section is introduced on the thisisdairyfarming website. Within this section there are a number of calls to action that concerned consumers can do to help provide additional support for example: ask their local retailer how does your sourcing policy supports farming in Britain across all dairy products and look out for a quality logo on pack, such as the Red Tractor. A support flyer is avaible for download from the website and we we will continue to drive consumers to the support section through @thisisdairy our consumer facing twitter feed. 

In addition to the #DiscoverDairy campaign, AHDB Dairy provides on-going support for farmers who are either looking to or are already involved with speaking to the general public. Whether you are hosting a farm visit for your local schools, the community, exhibiting at an agricultural event or delivering a class room talk AHDB Dairy can provide you with the right tools for the job.

There is a range of resources available on the website to help you answer key questions such as: "Is my farm ready?" "What can I offer?" "Why host visits?" and "How to market your farm?". The pack of information which includes hints, tips and advice also includes direction to other industry organisations who can also provide support and additional resources. You can also find a range of downloadable activity sheets on the website.  

If you already host farm visits, you may want to make use of the new teacher DVD or accompanying flyer to hand out to your local schools. Working in partnership with Farming and Countryside Education (FACE) AHDB Daiy has produce the film ‘Teaching & Learning at your local dairy farm’.The film can be viewed at the FACE website or DVD can be ordered via or call 024 7647 8702.

The consumer communications resources have been developed and produced with GB dairy farmers levy and therefore are available at no extra cost to all GB dairy farmers, so get involved and visit the Consumer Education Resource section of the site to order yours now and help more consumers to #DiscoverDairy for themsleves. All that we ask in return is for you to give us a minimum of two weeks notice and if you are happy to do so, allow us to contact you for case study material we can use in our general communications and to highlight any new products and services available.

Show you're proud of dairy and get more involved by:

  • Visiting and encourage others to as well
  • Link to from your own website
  • if you have a farm visit scheduled why not have an open link to the videos on the thisisdairyfarming site
  • Sign up to our email updates on Discover Dairy and other public facing activities
  • Share our press releases with local journalists
  • Order thisisdairyfarming flyers and distribute them locally
  • Talk to your local community groups about dairy farming and how they can help support
  • Re Tweet @thisisdairy tweets