Talking to schools

Through a comprehensive set of classroom resources targeting the full age range at Food - a fact of life website we make sure that dairy farming fits into curriculum activities through core subjects such as geography, maths and sciences. 

A Food and Farming area, which explores the production of different food has been created on the site and to further support the learning about food and farming, two videos for primary and secondary have been produced. The videos follow the children out of the class room and onto dairy farms to investigate and learn more about milk production and dairy farming.

Schools across GB are looking to extend the learning experience for children by taking them out of the classroom, therefore AHDB Dairy working in partnership with industry organisation eg: FACE, RHET, LEAF help support dairy farmers who look to open farm gates for school visits.Dairy farms are an ideal venue for children to learn first-hand about dairy farming and milk production so why not open up your farm gates for educational visits?

In addition to the above AHDB Dairy working in partnership with FACE have produced a teacher dvd - Teaching and Learning on your local dairy farm.  This film explains how teachers can find out where to visit and how to prepare for such an event so that their pupils can get the most out of the day.

There are various organisations offering lots of support, information and direction as to the next steps when looking to open your farm to consumers young and old. Over the years AHDB Dairy have provided support to dairy farmers taking that next step, and in this section you will find useful information and links to industry organisations that will help you make that

  • FACE - can provide you with advice, support and training
  • Do you farm in Scotland? RHET can help
  • Creating a clean hands zone on the farm and need free resources to help? Click here
  • Natural England can provide educational access funding
  • LEAF can provide you with a free 'Virtual Farm Walk' dvd
  • Our consumer facing website can help teachers understand more about dairy farming