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Why use the Herd Genetic Report

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Herd Genetic Reports (HGRs) have been available for a number of years through AHDB Dairy, to all UK dairy farmers who milk record. HGRs allow farmers to see the genetic potential of their herd by providing  the following information for the cows registered on their farm:

  •  Milk (kg)
  • Fat and Protein (kg and %)
  • £PLI 
  • Inbreeding Level
  • Management Traits - SCC, Lifespan and Fertility

HGRs are available in three formats - as Individual Cow Reports, Herd Genetic Report Summary and finally a Benchmarking Report.

December 2015 saw the inclusion of youngstock in the HGR and the addition of the ‘Herd sire list’ which reports the genetic merit for  bulls with daughters in the herd, to provide a quick overview of progeny counts by sire and their influence in the herd.

Since July ’16 an easy to use Inbreeding Checker is also now available through the HGR log in.  This quick and simple tool allows users to check how related all available bulls are to the herd.  Individual bulls can then be selected, based on genetic merit and inbreeding suitability, and for these bulls it will then perform pair-wise inbreeding checks on the bulls and cows of interest and flag up problem matings.

For further information, a HGR and Inbreeding Checker factsheet is available from the library section.  This factsheet details the information found in the reports and gives a step-by-step guide to using the Inbreeding Checker.

Demo the Herd Genetic Report 

A demo login has been created for you to discover what a Herd Genetic Report can do for you.  Simply click through to the login page using the icon at the top right of this page and use the following details;

Username: Demo farm

Password: Demo

The below video also demonstrates the Inbreeding Checker in action;

Registering for a Herd Genetic Report

If you would like to register for your herd’s genetic summary, please email: breeding.evaluations@ahdb.org.uk with your trading name, address and milk recording number. Log in details will be sent to you by email within two working days.

For third party authorisation, please download the form from here.